HVAC / Sheet Metal

Our HVAC/Sheet Metal Division provides design, fabrication and installation services in the pulp and
paper, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceutical, plastics and general manufacturing sectors.

This division excels at all types of sheet metal fabrication including ductwork, various ventilation components, superior-quality hoods, casings, filter cabinets, insulated panels and plenums. We specialize in custom industrial fabrication of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other base metals and alloys.

Meeting diverse customer needs

The development of an increasingly diverse service offering is the primary focus of this creative division. Our HVAC/Sheet Metal team works to meet customer demands while maintaining proper engineering principles.

The HVAC/Sheet Metal Division has earned a reputation as a provider of choice for the fabrication and installation of sheet metal products. Over the years, we have serviced our customers with the same commitment to excellence.

We solve problems

There is a solution for every HVAC/Sheet Metal challenge and our experts are committed to providing it. Our 14,000 square foot HVAC/Sheet Metal Division fabrication facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. And with a fully stocked inventory of materials always on hand, we fill customer requirements swiftly, often overnight.

If your timeframe is short for scheduling maintenance, we guarantee that we will meet your deadline. Our dedicated personnel are available around-the-clock and are committed to every job until it has been completed to the customers satisfaction.