Construction Management

From constructing entire plant process systems to completing shutdown assignments, our expert Construction Management Division offers complete control to achieve SPECIFIC contract goals.

Our in-depth experience and strict attention to detail ensure that our customers' projects forge ahead on schedule and come to completion on budget. Our industry-leading expertise enables us to monitor activities on the most complex projects and shutdowns.

A dedicated team for every client

Once we reach an agreement with a customer, we assign a dedicated project team. Complete authority including all communications and decision-making is handed over to the project manager to ensure the team delivers on every requirement. Detailed planning, constructibility review, scheduling, evaluation of tools, materials, equipment and manpower requirements are identified for each project and entered into our state-of-the-art computer systems.

At this point, construction begins. Supervisory, technical and support staff are brought together under the project management team's detailed execution plan. With all field work continuously evaluated by the project management team, our quality control and inspection personnel ensure that all aspects of the project requirements are adhered to. They will perform final quality assurance and compile a history DOCTET before turning the project over to the customer.